Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I have a happy plant!

The roses I tried to propagate have died, but an unexpected miracle took its place.

While I was anxiously handling the roses to get them ready, I half-absentmindedly plopped a stalk of basil (from the alfredo fettucine I made one day) into a glass of water at the windowsill. In my head I was considering the possibility that this plant might live instead of the roses but I was hoping that the roses would live too.

Anyway, after a few weeks/days I noticed that it was very green and alive. The roses died but because of this I didn't feel so bad. I looked at the bottom and saw that it was beginning to root! I also noticed something very peculiar about it:
It's smiling! 

It actually has a face. Different nodes have formed "eyes" (complete with eyebrows) and a smiling mouth. How amazing is that? and it looks like it has arms holding pompoms gleefully at you. What a happy-lookin cheerleader plant.

It even gets red-eye in pictures like a human being.

Maybe the smile bounces off of me when I look at it and think good thoughts and so it gets love vibes and continues to grow even without soil (I do want to get soil though. I just want to get proper potting soil so that I don't kill it D:)


This is how it looks like now, its pompoms have grown a lot bigger (leave it to a gardening noob to describe plant anatomy in like fashion) :

WEEEEE! i am a happy happy basil
Edit: there's a bit of brown in the bottom and googling research has lead me to believe that it's because of poor drainage. Basically my plant is drowning because I've waited too long to put it in soil, so I took a bit of sand and soil and set it there for the meantime. I really hope I get proper soil (and instruction from my mom's friend) very soon.

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