Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Night of Make and Do

It's never too late to make a day count!

Yesterday was weird in terms of sleeping schedule. On Tuesday, Mama, my brothers and I went to DFA to apply for passports. I barely had any sleep so shortly after retreating to my room to wash up or internet it a bit and talk to Emmybuns before dinner, I actually fell asleep! I thought it was a good thing, but I actually overslept to about three times the normal amount. Here's my recounting of the chaotic oversleeps:

  1. Slept around 7:30, woke up shortly just to stop the bath faucet I left running, got woken up around 9:30 by my alarm, only had time to half-awakenly look at Emmy's messages. Then slept again
  2. Woke up around 4:30 AM. Thought to myself: "YAY I have rebooted my sleeping schedule to early mornings!" But NOPE. Fell asleep again.
  3. Woke up around 7:30 AM. Thought "Well that's not too bad, still early-ish." But nope. Fell asleep again.
  4. Woke up around 9:30. Thought "FUCK THIS SHIT" and pushed myself out of the mattress, ate downstairs, then took the bath I meant to take the night before while watching Adventure Time.
  5. Dried myself up and got dressed, watched some more Adventure Time on my bed. Bad idea. FELL ASLEEP AGAIN. 
  6. Finally woke up at 12 PM. Whatever.
So I started the day like my usual late days. It's normal for me to wake up shortly before 10, stay in my room to attend to computer stuff (watch stuff or whatever, for example, today it was Miss Potter) then at the last minute before noon, I try to salvage myself and go downstairs so I can tell myself I started the day before noon.

As a person bereaved of the company of routine in her everyday life, I usually stress over the actual number hours I have each day, thinking I will need cushion time to get things going, but actually end up using the whole day as a cushion. Basically, in a day, I just eat, take baths or showers, clean, read, think, and surf the internet.

Well yesterday afternoon, as I explicitly stated on one of my Tumblrs, I was ailed with a special longing (burst of mental energy, more like) to create something. Jewelry, specifically. I have so many materials in my room and so many ideas that I keep putting off. But I guess, with the combination of our weekend trip to Baguio, a personal initiative to create that's been inside me for a while, and then stalking blogs of people who are actually making something happen with their lives, came a natural reaction for me to start flowing outwards. And it kept pouring long enough for me to even do my nails in the style I intended to earlier in the week:

This was under bad lighting in my room. It looks better today.

And finally here are the pieces I ended up making:

Wire-writing goodness

Quite satisfied as I went to bed last night :)

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