Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Post

       Today was actually nice. In the morning we went with mama to check up on our piece of land in Cavite because there was a prospective renter that wanted to build a warehouse on it. We didn't have the caretaker's number so we looked for them and talked stuff out. They were a funny couple. The lady was a chatty, vibrant older woman and her husband was small and softspoken (compared to her) but funny as well.
My cute mother in her floppy hat

The place looked a lot better than I remembered. For one thing there was finally a road in front of it. I last visited when I was nine or eight and I swear it was in the middle of nowhere. It didn't even have markers so I had no exact idea how big it was.
Did not remember this road at all. Picture on its side cos I was so suprised my head was completely tilted.
I can hear E in my head: "See? It's not so bad." (He asked for pictures and I told him there was nothing to see and that it was in the middle of nowhere..
..But this cute resort was actually just a reaaaaally short drive away from our lot.)
On the way there we had Jollibee drive-through. I'll be honest: I'm more of a McDonald's girl these days. When I crave, I crave for McDo. I know that's not very "nationalistic" (lol, fastfood? really?) but they have lower prices (for stuff I like to eat) and I like their atmosphere and menu more. At least, I'm a lot more used to it. Anyway, We got TLC burgers with pineapple juice: two things that are actually stuff I wish McDonald's had. I love me some veggies on my burger.
I mean, it's already fastfood. Veggies are the least I could do, right? Also, these are fries, not the burger. Obviously

It was a VERY HOT day and even though I tried to stay in the van as much as possible to reserve my energy, we all passed out on the couches when we got home.
You'd THINK I was outside taking that picture of them way up there^, but I was not.

Jaro is as unsociable as I am but he's in much better terms with the sun.

I woke up to a splitting headache and I felt like I wanted someone to push me into an ice-cold pool (because I actually didn't feel at all like moving on my own). Or maybe into a Sprite commercial where the ground would turn into cool water (or is that sprite? holy shit, imagine swimming in sprite. that would be sticky and disgusting afterwards) whenever you need it to.

We talked about eating dinner out somewhere (we agreed on Italianni's going home) and so mama gave me a paracetamol and we all got ready to get out again. She was insisting that I take a shower/change clothes but:

1. Again I did NOT feel like moving
2. I thought my clothes were fine for eating out
I mean these clothes are laid back fo sho but, not exactly sleepwear either, so..

I always found these slippers silly but they're kinda cute and SO comfortable. (plus they keep my sweats from scraping the ground. So I say "whatever" to the fact that everyone else has this pair of slippers)

My feet are bloom teh frowers. My room is bloom all teh mess.

3. I already went out in those clothes earlier in the day.

We ended up going to this place in Paseo called "Ryuma" instead. I always thought it funny that it sounded like "rheuma". It's actually a WHOLE LEVEL in one of the Paseo buildings (I've absolutely lost track, there are too many now so I don't know which Paseo it is.) with a restaurant, a store, and... I'm not really sure anymore, but it's big and weird and tacky and so japanice :3

Here's some of it.

View outside our wall. That blue thing is a weird electric fan that doesn't have any spinny thing in the middle. It just magically blows air. 
I've always eyed these armour sets from outside, promising myself I'd take pictures of them.

Not sure if the stache is there to make him look more menacing or if the menacing expression is because of  the stache.

Sadly the glass keeps reflecting stuff :< these are actually the better shots.
apparently they wore uggs

more display stuff, liquor edition

The resto had lots of gimmicks, they offered candy at the entrance, made ladies in costume roam around Paseo to invite people upstairs to Ryuma, and had entertainment. Dancing servers to hyper pop music and smooth acoustic bands.
They also start off with a complimentary cold rice tea and a pork and potato amuse-bouche (hehe i just learned that term from Surreal Gourmet.)
And they send you off with a Coffee Jelly. (This is apparently something that westerners find very weird)


This last picture actually made me laugh out loud as it's very descriptive of the characters of my three brothers that day.

mama be lol'lin

Jaro be trollin'
LOL silly Jaro
Y R U outside
outside is for strangers
Afterwards, Jaro and I had coffee's and mama had tea. My order got mixed up and I got a mocha instead of a macchiatto and I almost let it slide but I remembered that that was a bad quality of mine and thanks also to some encouragement from mama I had it changed. Yay for self-improvement!
And yay for being friends with the barista. Thanks Ren.

I took home a few must-haves as well:
  • I've been wanting a nail buffer for a while because I think plain nail colors look good on a smooth nail so I suggested going to Beauty Bar. Mama got herself a Philosophy grace set, with a cologne, shower gel and lotion. It smelled exactly like her current perfume!
  • I've also been meaning to buy a black whiteboard marker, so hooray
  • and I no has night moisturizer. There wasnt any big bottle of Myra or Clean and Clear so I settled for this sachet for the meantime.

The only real easter-y thing we did was to buy these eggs:

I mean, they look like easter eggs, at least.

They're actually korean dino eggs you put in water hahaha.

And we actually JUST ran out of chocolate at this very day XD I have been waiting all month to get my hands on the huge white toblerone bar mama brought back from Hong Kong but I woke up and it was all gone :( Haha three large brothers. I guess it's self-explanatory.

But we all had fun, I sure did so ..


Happy Easter to everyone! Whatever that really means anymore XD

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