Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Graduation Pressure

Just decided I should write something personal or whatevers.

I'm supposed to be graduating from college this April, and more or less I've got my after-uni life planned out... The problem is that there isn't really a guarantee that I WILL get to graduate. Still got a lot of stuff to do, and I haven't shot the most of my film for my final production. Then there's a documentary I'm making about my friend for Documentary class (which is already a retake btw), and there's still that take-home exam I didn't get to submit for one class (I'm making up for it by going to the field trip, it grants you an automatic 2.5 and above) and then my internship requirements and grades.. I still haven't gotten around to handling them.

Thinking about all of this at one go gives me a sickening feeling at the bottom of my stomach and my feet. I feel a lot of pressure from relatives. They keep asking me when I'll graduate (not even just once. Most of them just HAVE to ask over and over again. Maybe they're doing it on purpose to torture me. Nah, probs just fail attempts at small talk.)

I try to focus on one moment at a time. A day, a week... Because otherwise I really will panic. And in some ways I panic a little everyday. The bad thing is that I end up sleeping it off, or watching something or playing a game just to comfort myself. Usual shenanigans, nothing new here. But in my defense I really am trying. In fact, the reason why I blog a lot lately (you can't see it yet cos I cue them hehe) is cause I'm slowly trying to do procrastination activities that are productive haha.

Anyway hope everyone's having a less stressful start of the year than I am!

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