Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The stubborn body. (State of body + State of Mind = State of Being.)

What is "state of being"?

To me, put simply, it is our state of body and our state of mind put together. Whatever the result is, that is our state of being. It's not quite as mathematical as that, as Being is often the space between objects instead of the objects themselves, and immeasurable, but in terms of becoming and self-actualization, (a regular b as in being instead of a capital B Being) there lies what I think the trick is to achieving what we crave to feel that we "are". To (after getting to the right state of mind) put the state of body in tune with our state of mind.

Personally, this is my greatest battle. Often I feel like instead of being me, a one whole me, I am a mind and a body.

My mind often feels like a ghost waiting to occupy a cooperative shell. A creative, hopeful, starryeyed ghost, floating around, getting ideas, being excited, but with nothing physical to show.

My body is a separate vessel, containing the mind instead of being fused to it. Acting like a cell instead of an instrument sometimes.

When my mind is excited, my body sits down, but then it gets too warm, or hungry, or it sees something and goes autopilot and gratifies itself with games, series, music, what have you.

My body needs to be tamed. It doesn't mean me any harm. It only is what it is. What I need to do is to train it. And I've been trying. I want to be in control. I want impulses to come from a higher, more creative awareness.

 I need to ignore distraction, get into the root, ask my mind what needs to be done. Then I should give my body a specific action. And I need to keep following that, and should I stray (which I will sometimes. Makes life fun)  My body shall be trained to remember what the mind wanted in the first place. In this way the mind will be its rider. It will be the mind's vehicle. The horse walks, but the rider decides where to go. That kinda thing.

But of course, cars need tuning, horses need water and food and rest, all that stuff. Meaning, I will attend to my body's discomfort first should there be any, so that it can focus on the mind's will afterwards. BUT I should stop letting it take advantage of that. Usually when I comfort myself, I get carried away. Then nothing gets done. I should stay alert, attentive, to the needs of both my body and mind/soul.

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