Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Roadbump. NBD.

This weekend was a productivity roadbump. I'm not sure if my slight ineffectiveness was the result of biological factors, (I had my period this week and it was brutal) or if it was its own thing, but I guess it's better now than later (like in two weeks, for my second thesis film shoot) when I really have to be on my feet.

This weekend we went to our Grand Family Reunion, it was for my mom's maternal grandparents' descendants, and really the family that I've always known I have. I don't really know them all, I'm only really "close" to my grandmother's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and the children and grandchildren of two of my grandma's brothers. WHOO! I must've given you a nosebleed there!

Suffice it to say, I don't know all of them as much as I could...know them...were there a lot of opportunities.. to do so..

It was cute, we all had color coded shirts, one color for each of our apo's ("grandparent" in Kapampangan, one of the many dialects in the Philippines) sons/daughters and their own descendants and partners etc.. I didn't get to take pictures of the white shirts and green shirts. Someone else took the picture of us blue people obviously cos I'm the one with the thunder-thighs at the far right.

My restraint was put to the test, but not by much. I didn't really feel like eating lechon that day. Heuheu. I guess it was something about the piggies' decapitated heads being in full view of everyone. I can somehow REALLY taste how the lechon was a dead pig and all. But there was alcohol and coke everywheeere. And water was hard to find. In the end I only had one rum and coke, and then about two cans of light beer. But the day was filled with random bites of everything, random sips of pale pilsen and a coke zero. It wasn't the healthiest of days food wise but I'm proud of myself, it was still a long way from how much I'd have eaten in a salo-salo (filipino gathering. try one. they're great) if I didn't attempt to control myself.

Later in the night I tried to do a bit of exercising in the pool. Then during drinks and videoke my aunt Dianna passed on some of her contact juggling knowledge to us young enthusiastic n00bs. It somehow worked off my butt cos it was sore the next day, but I STILL am not quite sure why. Why the butt? Is it because the balls kept falling and I kept picking them up? It's still a bit sore right now to be honest.. I also capped the night off early in spite of my fellers still being hyper after hours... I somehow REALLY wanted to go to bed even though I also REALLY wanted to bond with my sibs, cousins and younger aunts. (You have no idea how fun they are)  My desire for a good night's sleep won in the end. Plus I was really missing my baby so I decided it was message-him-on-facebook-via-phone-in-bed time. I actually do that a lot when I'm not home (3 nights a week usually)... I'd turn it into an acronym but mhofvpib is a really shit acronym. Nobody will be able to remember that.

Roadbumps exist not to send you flying off the road but instead to make you go slower when necessary. I'm not going to say that I really needed a break, or that I even reached a good speed to need to slow down, but in this case I guess my body really needed a slow time to eat what it wants and to rest after a menstrual war. It also didn't hurt that I was surrounded by family, old and "new" the whole time.

I still feel like I'm in a productivity coma but I'm hoping that my drive will return tomorrow when my period really ends. (I think. you can't really tell with us irregular people. 'Kay. Enough mense references for now.)

Maybe this night's sleep will really cap this whole snoozey time off. So I must get to it.

This month's bracelet motto: PUSH

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