Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Compass v.1

  • don't nag yourself into creating. - slide smoothly into it. 
  • stop speaking/thinking ill of others and stop pitying - focus on making YOURSELF better.
  • do not resist the fact that you want to do everything - work with it. make it an asset. but one skill at a time.
  • don't guilt yourself over lost moments. - catch new ones.
  • stop trying to be unnaturally rigid in habit-forming - work with the tides of your life. a time for being wired in, a time to live under a rock with nothing but a book.
  • don't let your uncertainties become insecurities. - be still and certain that this adventure will be great and is only beginning.
  • don't be so quick to resist something new - wonder, explore, appreciate.
say yes to life.

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