Monday, December 5, 2011

The maintenance is just about as hard as the repair.

The teeniest tiniest push in the form of disorganized environment (having my nieces around or not having my planner around) sends me totally off-course! The first step that I always feel is crucial before I work on anything is organizing stuff around me, having the things I need already there, and the things I don't out of sight. But this sometimes is also my biggest enemy. I'm distracted even in this step and end up prolonging the process even more.

My book came in the mail recently.. It was less technical than I expected and a little too flowery than what I was hoping for BUT it stays true to what Esquire said about it. It really is a kick in the ass. It leaves you with ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE to be the piece of lazy lardmatter that you are. I can't say it makes you DO things, but it absolutely makes you realize that it's all in your hands. I haven't finished it yet and already it's put me into action in my poetry and writing. Too bad that's not what I really should be busy with yet.


In other news, this weekend has been about nursing one of my famous bed-riddenning periods and making time to accompany my mom shopping and stuff. I felt kind of bad when, I suggested going to Divi and got her excited about it, then I told her I can't go cos of a shoot. So when the opportunity arrived, because I realised I wasn't ready and therefore postponed, I didn't let my period stop me from going with her. Best decision of the year. She ended up buyin me some really awesome shoes, a couple watches, organizer boxes and shorts. Going with her was the only thing I did to deserve that?!?! Aren't mothers awesome? :) (It's also worth to note that the Sausage McMuffin she got me (and my bro) for breakfast was really good. It reminds me of Burger Shop 2, and now that I know how good it is the game will surely give me more of the munchies the next time I play it.) I ended up using up my whole allowance for the week, but oh well. I still have some money saved and they were all pretty good buys.

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Alright well, I don't think I should linger here, got stuff to do, way behind of a lot of things, so bye!

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