Monday, January 9, 2017

My 2017 Motto || Grit & Grace

(loove these typefont stamps I bought for Christmas!)

May I have the Grit:

  • to go on when needed, even when i'm afraid
  • to finish difficult things, in parts if need be
  • to be less vulnerable to imagined attacks
  • to have more control over my anxieties
  • to speak out when needed
  • to trust in myself, and to be able to hold on to that trust even when it gets rough
  • to be brave enough to be myself

And the Grace:
  • to know when to rest
  • and when to stop resting
  • to try to choose the kindest words
  • to take a breath whenever i feel like i might burst
  • to try to emphatise before i defend myself
  • to always try and welcome humour and goodwill even in dire situations
  • to tread life lightly, to grow with ease

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