Saturday, March 7, 2015

Le Garçon et Son Macaron

Last Sunday, my family went to Socrates' Secret again for some fun fun food food time. My uncle and his son Fheebo have been staying in our house since January so they also come along on weekend adventures. I've been to S.S. four other times beforehand and was excited to return with a kid in the group to put their adorable kiddie corner to use. 

The first time, it was just me, Mama, and my brothers, then me and just one brother, then Emmy and me, then my best Brofriends. All kids at heart, but I don't think psycho-emotional kid-ness will grant us a pass to the kiddie corner. Even the shoe rack is really small. 

My little cousin was very excited when the children from the other tables left because he was too shy to join them. Can you spot him?:

Fheebo is a picky eater, so he preferred to just play as we ate our food, and just taking a bite from this and that once in a while. He was more interested in the toy food than the actual food. And the toy train which transported toy food.

Afterwards, we went to Tristian's to have Coffee and dessert. The colorful macarons were displayed low... Perfect for catching little children's eyes hmm?

Well intended or not, it worked as such with Fheebo. (Also the extra O would probably not be noticed by liddol childron.)

It didn't even take him a second after seeing them to declare, "I'm going to eat the blue one!"

I'd have chosen that one too, but personally, I have this personal strike that involves not eating macarons until I get my butt to France, so I don't know what blew his mind (I kind of just imagine them to be... sweet.) and I wouldn't know for a while; actually I probably will never relate because even if it did just taste like sugar, that stuff's like cocaine to children. ...Not that I know what that's like either.

[I chose macarons because the visual payoff is great to use as a symbol for an achievement and yet taste-wise they won't cause me anguish and turmoil if I had to lay off for an undetermined amount of time. How would I say no to a warm buttery flaky croissant or a pain du chocolat? Especially since I already know what those taste like. *imagines the horror*]

So anyway, Fheebo was running around in full-energy mode when our orders arrived, and had to kind of gather and contain his own little force field to sit on the chair, still shaking in that little dancey way he does all the while.

Then he starts chewing... 

*shaking intensifies*
and his face just kind of...

becomes Whack Poo Brain Horse:

Which, funnily enough, he just saw today while watching AT, and when this face came on he totes tried to copy it.

And I was laughing really hard the whole time I was taking these pictures. He usually laughs along when people laugh around him, but I guess he knew I was laughing because of the current face he's doing and so he persevered with it for a really long time before smiling and laughing along! That's what you call dedication to a performance!

He very gleefully ate most of it, except for the blueberry jam in the middle which was, according to him, maasim!!! (meaning sour, bec berries are tart)

I removed it and tried some, and nope. It was totally very sweet blueberry jam but well.

We informed him that his whole mouth was made blue because of the macaron and I asked him to show the camera:

But he was so hyper that the pictures are blurry

And when I told him "try to stay still so it doesn't blur" he concentrated SO HARD that he got whack poo brain face again:


Anyway, I'd been trying to push myself to post a lot more often, but it's been hard to get back on the groove of just sitting down and writing, so I decided that when I get writer's block when trying to write more substantial things, I'll just look into photographs that I've taken and just... tell a story! Like this one. It's still aligned with what I want to do here anyway. Which is a real broad scope anyway.

See ya lader dewds!

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