Friday, August 23, 2013

The Night's Watch

I've adjusted fairly quickly and smoothly to the night shift lifestyle. And I don't feel like a Zombie because it's legit. Meaning it's consistent. Basically, My days are 12 hours earlier/later than anyone elses. my AMs and PMs are flipped. It's been good, but sometimes when I get home in the super-early morning I feel sad that I can't have a cup of coffee. There's nothing better than a cup of coffee at dawn/early morning. But drinking coffee when I get home, body clock-wise, would be like drinking coffee at 6pm. Not the best idea if I want to fall asleep at noon to wake up properly before work.

But it has some awesome trade-offs. Temperature's nice, work goes by super fast, no traffic, and just now I had a 7am hotdog lunch (complete with a pickle)...

And about the coffee thing, there's always black tea. When I put creamer/milk and sugar in it, it's almost as good as drinking coffee. But it doesn't mess my sleep up.

I can't wait to get settled enough to start doing creative stuff again. I have about 8 hours free everyday and I'd like to get back to practicing photography again, even though my camera does have that problem with the shutter. I'm hoping that feeling one with it again, like I did last year, will motivate me to find a repair shop and turn it in. At least this time I'll actually be earning money that I can use towards repairing/buying art-life tools. Like this laptop. This is my mom's. The one she gave me a while ago is already dead. And now this one freezes when left idle. I don't want it to get PC cancer before fixing it, and so as soon as I get my salary I'm turning it in. It feels good knowing I'll soon afford to pay for non-basic needs.

Anyway right now I still feel sleepy and low-energy in the morning, before going to bed. I'm hoping a little regular stretching and moving around and laughing at Kid President videos (and other vids) on the reg will help me get some more energy in the mornings before going to bed. So I can do creative stuff and maybe find what I should do next with my life :)


  1. That is a great post, Bea! I'm so happy to hear you're consciously working towards getting into teh groove of work and striving to return to your creative endeavors.

    1. thank you tita! :3 i still havent succeeded as of now, more than a month later, but i'm still getting there! i'm making it a point to getting to a healthy state of mind before exerting myself, it's slow because i have anxiety issues, but i think the slow way is the better way at this point!