Monday, January 14, 2013

this is it~ i created a facebook page for Pandaemonium!

my feet are literally cold!

but that's probably also because of the weather being actually cooler lately.

Click here to visit!:

my shop concept is pandemonium, chaos, randomness. it's like opening Pandora's box (or jar if you wish) but instead of the evils of the world, little cute thingies and goodies come out.

or just you know, settle nicely in the box. i don't plan to over-stock anything, i just want to create as i feel.

for janu/feb, my feature will be my line of Valentine's chocolates! Yeap I'm really doing it ^^ after a couple of days of shuffling names and lamenting the fact that someone already took "Billy Bonka" I realised that I should just call my chocolate line Psychodelish. It's one of the frequent aliases I use for my email addresses and usernames anyway! Psychadelic/psycho goes with the pandaemonium concept, and it has got "delish" in it..... I think it was its destiny all along.

my page is still very barren for now, but i will post pictures and prices as soon as i finish the first batch!

wish me luck as i roll myself recklessly into this !
i hope i snowball in a good way

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