Monday, August 13, 2012

Beach Bums

Right now as I write this, my baby is beside me still curled up and asleep from the time we promptly fell asleep just after deciding to go out to walk along the beach. I woke up a few minutes ago and decided to seize the opportunity to finally write something in my blog.

We've been staying here in Boracay since Tuesday. It's now Monday and we still have until all of Friday to enjoy this wonderful island. (We leave on Saturday afternoon, but I'm sure that that day would be spent preparing and travelling to the airport.)

 We only brought Emmy's laptop so I'm currently just getting myself used to a french keyboard. He's been using mine a lot since his arrival to the Philippines and now I can say I can fully empathize.

So far we have been:

  • walking along the beach to look for affordable places to eat (surprisingly there are more than we first thought! We'll probably both post about them in our separate blogs) and for (quite unhealthy) groceries
  • playing with sand hehehehehehehehhe
  • swimming in the waaavy ocean (the water unfortunately isn't as clear as when I came here in 2010 but it's still verry lovely, and most importantly, warm enough for Emmy to swim in! (he HATES bathing/showering in "cold" water)
  • mixing our own poor college kids "cocktails" in our room whoops?
  • watching not only "a bit", but quite a lot actually, of "a bit of fry and laurie"
  • watching mooooooooviiiieeeeeessssss
  • attempting to do some laundry with the bucket in the bathroom but eventually deciding to take advantage of the very inexpensive laundry service after all.
etc etc etc.

So as you can see, we haven't been fully posessed by the salty air, and as expected we haven't been doing any extreme sports: we're still very much ourselves, only with the ability now to hug each other to sleep (we aren't allowed to at my house, I've been sleeping on the couch) and to discover stuff in a strange place and to swim and make weird stuff with the sand and all that. And it's been really great!!!  I feel really happy that we're staying for a long time and don't have to rush to see everything we want to :D

A couple of island life problems and solutions:

  1.  Floor keeps ending up sandy? If you hate having sand everywhere, gather up everyone you're rooming up with to decide on a spot near the door to call as the "sand deposit area". Put a small bottle of baby powder there, and whenever someone has sand on their feet, they just have to sit over there, put powder on their feet to shake the sand off easier, and be able to walk around the rest of the room without trailing sand everywhere!
  2. Salty water fogs up your sunglasses? Bring a bottle of normal water with you and leave it on the shore to be available to you when you need to rinse your glasses (or irritated skin)
PS: pics soon bye ;)

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