Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Trusting the Process

..But taking (the right kinds of) action, will.

Here's my meditation topic for everyone today!

Personally my hard drive just died so I will be living a highly offline life until I get to buy a new one (I'm broke so who knows when that will be) and I will be trying to use this time to immerse myself in the present, rooting myself into all the power available to me and and relishing the change I should be able to be responsible of if I just trusted the process and stop letting my idea of the future ruin the present. 

To me this means trusting the process for the meantime, knowing that I will ultimately an outcome that (more or less) matches the efforts I give. And allowing myself to feel peachy and positive for the meantime because good vibes can only influence towards the neutral or the positive.

These have been recurring topics in the various media I've been coming across. Don't you just love it when things around you seem to align to teach you a single lesson? Usually it takes an open attitude to witness "magic" of this kind. It's really just you coming into awareness of what you already know.

Have a good week everyone!


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