Monday, May 28, 2012

Kimmbap, badubidap

Woke up late and realised it was a Monday not a Sunday and I only need to cook for myself! 

So relieved...

I asked Jaro if he'd already eaten after seeing the corn beef on the table, relieved to hear him say he made himself an egg and cheese sandwich. :3 I would be gutted if he gets stuck with corn beef just cos ate Bea didn't wake up early enough. I sometimes forget he's a grown man and can make his own awesome sammiches!

Anyway I still shared the kimbap I made. Not cos I'm mother theresa or anything, I just like blatantly asking for praise on stuff I make from a selected few people in my life. Jaro included. And well, I wanted to practice more but didn't want to eat too much. B-)

So anyway here's how I made them (warning, I'm a very messy chef. Feel free to be a little more careful about the rice than I evidently was in these pictures) :

  1. Make pickles the day before, or at least start 6/7 hours prior. 
    1. Chop radishes into long thin strips (I used daikon radish, which is a long, big, white, heavy kind) after washing and peeling. But I didn't peel mine. I'm kind of messy at times.
    2. Coat them with salt
    3. Let them sit for an hour (I'm pretty sure I didn't wait that long, I was making fried rice and my focus was divided), there will be water. Drain that away, and wash the salt.
    4. In a bowl (while waiting I guess) mix equal parts water, sugar/honey(I used half portions of each), and vinegar (I used cane). If using sugar, mix until it dissolves.
    5. Put the radish in the mixture, and leave it to soak
  2. Prepare the rice
    1. Season white rice with sesame oil and salt, about a teaspoon of oil for a cup of rice, and just enough salt to taste
  3. Prepare carrots and string beans
    1. Cut carrot into long thin strips
    2. Chop off the ends of the string beans and pull the string off the "vertebrae" of it
    3. Cook them a bit after spraying the pan with canola oil, just enough till the beans taste edible.
  4. Prepare the eggs
    1. Scramble one or two, you may add a pinch of salt
    2. Cook into a pancake
    3. slice into long, thin strips
  5. Prepare some cucumber/zucchini (again, long thin strips)
  6. Rock 'n' roll!

 There are loads of tutorials on rolling online. Just prepare a little bowl of water, a clean cloth to wipe your hands on, and a rolling mat.
  Our rolling mats have been used as placemats so they are unfit for direct contact with the seaweed. I remedied this by putting wax paper in between the two. Made it a bit harder, but I don't think I'd have done a perfect job otherwise since I'm a total beginner.
 I still munched a bit too much of these, but it's aight. Next time I'll do a better job and maybe not have to eat the badly formed ones before anyone sees, just like I did today. heheh. (nah I'm really just a glutton.)

I even ate the leftover fillings with some kimchi. I didn't eat all of the egg though. I gave the rest to Jaro. He said he's been farting a lot since he decided to not eat meat. I told him it's the eggs.

I don't think he minds.

I also made some lemonade in the blender. I'm the laziest person. I literally just keep a lemon half whenever I use the juice, and pull the insides (there will still be a bit of juice left), blend it with sugar and water, and sift it into a glass.

I looove lemonade.

The end.

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