Saturday, November 5, 2011

Five Favorite Things Friday!

I guess it's time that I make a weekly theme post? I also want to eventually do the fitness friday thing, but maybe I can just do both bi-monthly cos I'm a greedy b-turd. But for now Fridays will be for Five Favorite things! Because I loved the Sound of Music and thinking of my favorite things works really well for me in terms of improving my mood.

1. Mentos!

Doodoodoodoodoodoo, doo waaaaaaah~It doesn't matter what comes, fresh goes better in life.. With Mentos fresh and full of life! Nothing gets to you, staying fresh staying cool, WITH MENTOS FRESH AND FULL OF LIFE! Fresh goes better, Mentos freshness, fresh goes better with Mentos fresh and full of life! Mentos: The Freshmaker.

My earliest memory of mentos was staying in some lovely hotel (shangri-la is my best guess) and my mom handing me TWO TUBES of Mentos, telling me that I shouldn't eat them too fast. One spearmint and one peppermint. And I loved them all my life.

It's not a very constant love affair, I sometimes forget about them, but when I remember them and eat them again after a long hiatus, they make me feel really tingly inside! Just yesterday I bought a bag of mini mentos because I just wanted some laying around in case I felt like having them. The smaller tubes help me take control of the situation more, the other time my mom bought four big (regular) tubes of Mentos, I pringled the shit out of two whole tubes in one day. (Popped and didn't stop)

2. Scott Pilgrim
I just find the whole thing really cute, I watched the movie again, which is saved in my "U R MY FAVE" folder, and I felt the urge to download ALL THE COMICS and ran with it.

Now, I know how painfully typical it is to identify with Ramona Flowers, but I'm owning it because:

  1. She is so cute, and M.E. Winstead's broad shoulders (at least next to Michael Cera) make me feel confident about my manly ones. Also I remember my friend Pia comparing me to her in her Sky High days, I guess because of her huge eyes and stuff. Now, I don't have any illusions about that being true at all, but it was still flattering.
  2. The name Ramona. I'm kind of a daddy's girl and my dad's name was Ramon. So Ramona is like.. A girl Ramon? And she's like, a "ninja courier" and I'm so asian and ..Courier is my favorite font and stuff? Yeah. It totally makes sense.
  3. Her clothes are so my thing. I love that whole look. And that exact shade of nailpolish she was wearing in this scene? I've had it since last christmas B-) Way before I even saw the movie, not to mention I've always loved blue hair. So yeah. I'm not fighting my Ramona fangirlism.

    My clothes, still on the floor from when i tore them all of in once piece, cartoon-style.

3.This video! Precious family.

To any of you who haven't heard, Jimmy Kimmel, on his show, challenged parents to trick their kids into thinking that they ate all of their Halloween candy. This video is a crowd favorite, and also my personal favorite among all of the entries!! This twosome is just the sweetest two little boys I've ever seen! The older brother CJ is so calm, collected, smart, and mature for his age. Jake is super cute and sounds like Huey, Dewey or Louie Duck!

But the cutest thing about this video, and I'm sure that a lot of people share this opinion with me, is how this family treats each other. It's very clear that the mom raised the kids well with how they talk to her and to each other. CJ is more worried about mom having a bellyache than losing the actual candy, explaining that he enjoys the act of Trick or Treating more than the candy itself. They respect her when she says something (follows instantly when she asks them to do something, like stop jumping on the couch), but also feel confident enough to express their disapproval and to reason with her. My favorite moment is at 2:18 where little jake tries to add two and two and his hand puts up four fingers but he can't say the number. CJ comes to his rescue and whispers "four" but he mimics too early and thought he said five, so he says five. CJ charmingly smiles, apologizes and reassures his brother saying "It's actually four, but Jake you were so close."

4.Murdering Fruits in the Blender
Great alternative to softdrinks, not that I'll ever go cold turkey on Coke. luhh dat isht.

When my mom called me one day, telling me that she'd be going to the grocery on her way home, she asked me if I needed anything, and I requested if she could buy some mixed greens and/or frozen berries for smoothies. She brought home 2 kilograms of frozen strawberries and two bags of other assorted berries. Ever since then we have been putting the blender to regular use, just making ourselves fruity smoothies and juices. And it's actually very filling to be honest. :) And healthy obviously.

5. Childhood snacks!

You know, the sort that we used to always bring to school for snack time. Juices in Tetra Packs, Japanese sticks with dipping cream, wafers... Today I had some blissful moments eating my strawberry Yan Yan and some tetra pack blueberry yoghurt drink!

What are your Five Favorite Things of the week? List them down, let them make you feel all tingly inside!

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